Cleaning Price Guide

Cleaning Price Guide

Cleaning prices start from just £40.00

Our cleaning price guide covers all types of surface. We can clean just about any hard surface i.e driveway, patio, fencing, decking, walls and brickwork, garden ornaments (concrete bird baths etc) and even some kinds of patio furniture.

Every quote we undertake is priced specifically for you, every customers needs and requirements are different. Each driveway and patio is of different size to the last, this is why we offer a free no hassle quotation service. We come round, assess the area’s to be cleaned, measure up and finally give a quote. The price quoted at the time is the price you pay, we don’t add little bits on at the end. We are not shy about our cleaning price, many companies won’t show there rates until you ask for a quote.

Our prices vary from £1 – £2 per Square Meter or 30p – 60p per square foot if you like old money 🙂

Our prices are very competitive, we have no overheads, no expensive phone staff to pay, no expensive fleet of vans to upkeep and therefore we can keep our prices low. Our price guide works roughly to the following scale. These are prices to clean per square meter (sqM) we DO NOT charge VAT on top of our quoted prices. We also DO NOT have a minimum size, if your area is only 20sqM thats fine, it will fall into the first price bracket. The cleaning price guide covers general pressure cleaning of driveways, patios, decking etc. The price of decking oil fluctuates so the cost of supplying that is quoted upon enquiry.

The following prices are a rough guide, every driveway is different. For example crazy pave can be more time consuming as loose mortar makes the job harder. Also your location has to be factored in, we are based in Bromley, Kent. We cover most of the Kent area however if we need to travel to Ramsgate then we have to factor that into the price. The prices below are based upon a driveway/patio with sound jointing/surface area, local to Bromley. See our area map.

Up to 30sqM            £2.00

30sqM – 40sqM       £1.80

40sqM – 60sqM       £1.60

60sqM – 70sqM        £1.50

70sqM – 80sqM        £1.40

80sqM – 100sqM      £1.20

        100sqM – 140sqM    £1.00

  • Up to 140sqM then 50p per sqM thereafter. So if it was 160sqM it would be 140 x £1.00 and then 20 x 50p = £150
  • Please Note:- MAX cleaning size is 180 – 220 sqM per day (dependant upon surface). If the job runs into 2 days then a job price will be quoted rather than size.

We charge 50p per sqM labour for sanding (not inc sand) sand is roughly £6.00 per bag and it will cover approx 20-25sqM per bag, depending upon stone type. We have had to introduce a minimum charge of £25.00+sand to re-sand a driveway in order to cover time and costs.

The cost of oiling a deck area is normally £1.20 per sqM (not inc oil). Although there is no minimum size we do charge a minimum of £25.00 per coat to oil a deck. (location area dependant)

For example, cleaning price for a standard concrete or crazy paved single car driveway (with good mortar joints) of approx 5m x 4.5m would be 22.5 metres squared. Every job is quoted individually, depending upon type of stone, initial clearing (leaves, pots etc)

Price Guide for this drive approx £40

Freshly Cleaned Drive


A single/single and a half size driveway (picture above) would cost approx £45.00, or if you have block pavers as in the picture below, that price would go up to approx £62.00 as it would require re-sanding.

If your lucky enough to have a huge drive or yard that needs cleaning, and we are likely to be there for a while, we can work out a job price/day rate for you.

The bigger the area the cheaper it gets, so if you want your driveway and patio cleaned at the same time we combine the areas to reduce the price. This also goes the same if you have a joined driveway with a neighbour and they want their’s done too. Why not spread the word and we can clean the whole street (never know, get us enough drives to clean in your area and maybe we can clean yours for free 😉

Please bear in mind however that these are “clean only” prices, block paving needs to be re-sanded which costs more because of the sand and time. Also note that if your garden has lots of furniture or ornaments that need moving (we don’t clean round them as it leaves visible marks), or if we have to spend hours sweeping up leaves before we can start cleaning this may add to the cost. We don’t mind moving a couple of pots or chairs etc for free. Fear not though, we can still have it all looking clean in no time.


Let me just touch upon the element of re-sanding….

clean block pave drive ready for sanding

Freshly cleaned block pave driveway



Look how well this block paved driveway turned out, no more moss. They look fantastic when new, but quickly become dirty and tired looking. When this drive was laid all those joints between the blocks would have been filled with a fine sand, it’s a special sand known as “Kiln Dried Sand” this is because unlike normal types of sand it is purchased absolutely 100% dry (some sands like building sand etc are often kept open to the elements and soak up moisture, which is no good for paving as you can’t sweep it into the joints) it’s this sand that creates the structure to the driveways strength and rigidity. Without this sand the blocks would move and lift out when walked or driven over. This sand should be regularly topped up to ensure the drive remains strong.

Over time the sand between these bricks washes and blows away, either through weather or from washing. Every time you wash your car or sweep your drive, small amounts of this sand is removed, until eventually you are left with big open joints or lifting/sinking blocks. After cleaning it is necessary to replace this sand, if your driveway is quite new it shouldn’t require much, but if your drive has been cleaned before and re-sanding was never done afterwards it may require a bit extra. As a price guide a 25KG bag of sand will cover approx 15-25+ sqm and costs around £5.00 per bag, so it doesn’t really add much to the cost. The amount of sand a driveway requires can vary on the style and width of the joint lines.


Our latest investment, we are one of only a few companies with this amazing tool at our disposal. The Falch pointspeed 5 is an incredible tool that gives amazing results.

cleaning price

Falch Rotating Nozzle

If your driveway has weeds or heavy moss then this rotating nozzle is the best tool for the job. It cuts though dirt, moss and weeds with ease. Check out our block paving page for a video of this beast in action.

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