Crazy Paving

Crazy paving, once a popular fad of the 80’s/90’s and often deemed a cheap option. This crazy style is still very much a fashion but now using more exotic stone.

Crazy paving is made up of stones varying in shapes, sizes and colours. The idea is to create a non uniform design. The stones themselves are sometimes reclaimed concrete flags, as they are normally broken when removed. New concrete flags are sometimes used, but are predominantly a more expensive approach, especially when they are going to be broken.

Why does every crazy pave drive I see have broken mortar and weeds?

Crazy paving is often seen as a cheap drive or patio, only because the ones seen outside houses are often in a poor state of repair. A crazy paved driveway is only as strong as its foundation. Contrary to popular belief crazy paving is actually quite expensive to lay…properly anyway. This is down to the amount of labour that goes into arranging the stones correctly, and also in the mortar/laying process.

You have to think of the area as a giant jigsaw puzzle. Stones have to be placed together in a way to keep mortar joints as small as possible. Filling large gaps with mortar, rather than chopping down another flag is just going to reduce the longevity and strength of the driveway or patio. Areas with large mortar joints would be lucky to survive more than a couple of winters before beginning to break up.

On large joints, cracks will begin to appear. This will lead to the ingress of water, which will freeze in the winter. This freezing process will widen the crack thus loosening the mortar. If there is a crack, weeds will grow.

Crazy Pave

Notice the picture on the left has nice tight lines. The natural stone flags have been cut and positioned to keep the joint lines small. The picture on the right however looks well laid, but the joints are way too wide. You can already see tiny cracks in the mortar due to shrinkage when the mortar dries. Luckily this is a patio, if this was a driveway it probably wouldn’t stand up to the abuse.

Some pictures of our crazy paving cleaning work:

Modern Crazy Paving, Concrete & Natural Mix – Bromley

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