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Decking Cleaning & Treating Service.

One of our most popular spring services. Decking cleaning and treating is best done from mid-late April onwards. We do get very busy and last year we were booking several weeks in advance for decking work. Get booked in early…

We are already taking bookings for Spring 2018. Although the weather is still not favourable for oiling, we can still clean your dirty/slippery deck, we just can’t re-treat it due to the weather. Why not take advantage of our 20% discount running until 31st March.


In spring we tend to get booked up very quickly for this service, we advise to book early to avoid disappointment. Normally we have to allocate around 3 days for your decking cleaning job. Although it doesn’t take that long, we are really tied by the British weather.

On day 1 we will do the cleaning, then return the following day (weather permitting) to apply the first coat of oil. If your local and the weather is OK we like to go away for 4 hours and then return to apply the second coat later that day. If however it is a large area or you have balustrades etc then we would usually return on day 3 to apply the second coat. We allocate the 3 days in case the weather turns. Depending on the oil dry/rainproof time is anything from 90mins to 12hours, but the deck has to be dry in order to apply it properly. We start taking bookings from February(sometimes earlier) for our decking cleaning service, although the ideal time to treat is from mid-late April onwards, customers like to get booked in early.

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Dirt Builds Up Fast

So you have moved into a new home with decking, or you recently had a nice deck laid. You may have noticed that your deck area isn’t as fresh looking as it once was. Maybe the decking has a subtle green tone in places as algae has begin to take hold. Perhaps it has become slippery over the winter months. Unfortunately that expensive deck area won’t stay looking clean and new for very long. It weathers quickly and soon begins to turn dirty and grey.

Winter months can really take its toll on wood. Leaves and dirt from trees can cause the boards to become slippery over the winter months. The best time of year for decking cleaning and treating is ideally late April to Mid September when the weather is warmer. All of the deck needs to be completely dry before oil can be applied, so we need some half decent warm sunshine to help it dry after cleaning.

Decking Cleaned & Treated with Natural Oil

Above is a recent job we finished (July 16) it hadn’t been cleaned or treated in 8 years. It had good drainage and no pots were kept on the deck. It was cleaned with just water and then treated with a premium natural oil.

Pretty Bad Shape

The customer who had the decking below was on the verge of having it all replaced, but decided to call us first to see if we could do anything with it. It was in quite a bad way, although it was not rotten. It was obvious that some flower pots had been residing on the deck for quite some time. Flower pots and ornaments look lovely but can quickly lead to rotting boards. Water beneath them cannot dry very well and the excess water begins to soak into the wood. Over the course of time the boards start rotting. If a good quality oil had of been applied previously, then it may not of been so bad, but ultimately pots aren’t good for decking, especially during winter.

A decking area in dire need of cleaning and treating

Dirty and Very Weathered Decking Area


Decking given the Dirty Drive-Away Treatment

Dirty Decking Given New Lease of Life

The decking was pre treated and scrubbed, gently pressure cleaned and then re-oiled. A vast improvement from when we started. We have found from experience that people leave it too late to treat there decking. Most decking oils will offer protection for 2-3 years depending on the number of coats applied. We recommend 2 coats of good quality oil for maximum protection and coverage.

New Decks

Remember that when a new deck is laid it is usually left un-treated. This allows the new boards to weather naturally. Wood needs time to adapt to the environment, fresh wood often moves and swells with humidity. New deck boards should be left for around 6 months before applying oil. We find that the problem is that this weathering period is often forgotten or simply not explained by the contractor when laid. It’s then that the following year you’r left wondering why your new deck has gone green/stained or generally not looking as it did. Don’t forget to treat it…

Some of our Work

Decking Cleaned & Treated In Natural Oak Decking Oil

A recent decking job we finished. The deck had become dirty and very slippery when wet. Decking cleaning is not that expensive, the cost comes with the oil used to treat the wood. A good quality decking oil should last at least 2 years, usually 3 if it has 2 coats. This deck was pressure cleaned and the treated with Natural Oak premium decking oil. A rinse down with an anti fungal wash before winter should keep the deck slip free.

Decking Cleaned & Treated Using Natural Decking Oil

Oil vs Stain

Decking cleaning isn’t hard, it just takes time. Some people use wood stain on there decking areas. Wood stain is just that, a stain or colour. There are decking specific wood stains, but if the deck is not cleaned properly first it won’t adhere. Even after just a year wood stain can begin to flake and peel. Once a deck has been stained it can be very hard to remove without a stripping agent. We only use good quality oil, oils are now available in a variety of tints, from natural right down to dark oak.  Oil penetrates the wood and offers far superior protection on decking due to the waxes and penetrating agents in the oil. A good oil will soak into the wood giving deep protection. Water should bead on a well oiled deck.

We offer a full decking cleaning service with clean and re treat, or we can just clean it for you. Call us to discuss your requirements and we can give you a quote for the work. We only use good quality deck oils from the likes of ronseal or cuprinol. However if you want to supply your own oil thats fine. Expect to pay around £30.00+ for a tin of good oil. The 99p store doesn’t sell quality oil…

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