Natural Stone

Natural stone makes for a lovely driveway or patio. It’s unique shape and colours makes for a truly amazing effect. Each stone is as individual as the next, the stones come in so many colours with dazzling lines and contours. It doesn’t come cheap though, these stones can set you back thousands of pounds, so why spend all that money on a show stopping driveway or patio to let it get dirty. Heres where we can help. If cleaned yearly, natural stone will give you years of trouble free beauty.

Clean Natural Stone Drive

Natural Stone When Wet Looks Amazing. You Can Get A Gloss Sealer That Will Keep It Looking Like This.

We often get asked how to keep driveways and patios looking good. Well the best answer is yearly cleaning, it’s not as expensive as you may think. Our cleaning prices start from as little as £40.00. A small price compared to the cost of having that driveway or patio laid. Another good practice is sealing, as with all products there are good and bad ones out there. Sealing is covered on another page, but a natural stone driveway is worth sealing as it can stop oil and other marks from staining. High quality sealants don’t come cheap, a good quality sealer is around £70.00 a tin (5L) but the leading brands do say it should last between 3-5 years depending upon the amount of traffic the area is subjected to. Driveway sealing doesn’t tend to last as long due to the regular vehicle traffic.

On this page you will see some of the natural stone areas we have cleaned. Please feel free to contact us should you need any help or advice regarding cleaning your stonework.

Natural Stone Patio – Bickley
Natural Stone Driveway – Beckenham
Natural Stone Patio – Bromley
Natural Stone Patio – West Wickham
Natural Stone – Chiselhurst

Well there is a few pictures showing some of the areas we have cleaned. If you have some natural stone that needs a good pressure washing then please drop us a call, text or email. 07585 293902

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