Brickwork, Walls, Railings, Stonework & Masonry

Brickwork, Walls, Railings, Stonework & Masonry

Like Driveways & Patios your Brickwork, Walls, Railings, Stonework & Masonry can suffer at the hands of the elements. Over the years algae, dirt, limescale & lichen will build up. Bricks naturally secrete calcium and mineral residue from within the bricks, this can often be seen as white powdery marks running down the wall. These deposits are known as efflorescence.

Bricks soak up water much like a sponge, when the sun finally comes out the bricks can begin to dry. When drying, deposits from within the bricks begin to be drawn out, this leaves the white marks on your walls. Unfortunately it’s a cause of nature and not much can be done about it.

During the summer months the white marks should ease and be gradually washed away, that is until winter and more rain comes forcing the bricks to soak it up again….Vicious circle. Newer brickwork seems to be more prone to the build up. Again there are products out there that claim to eradicate this issue, but it’s usually short lived.

Most DIY stores sell patio & brick cleaning products which can contain harsh acids which if not used properly can actually burn brickwork, making it look worse than when you started. Once acid burnt thats it, you can’t undo it.

You can see from some of the pictures below some before and after shots of some walls and railings, even though not everything can be removed, a drastic improvement can be made. The remaining black spots and splodges is lichen, its almost impossible to remove effectively, see here


Brickwork, Walls, Railings, Stonework & Masonry. Brickwork showing signs of scale and efflorescence. Brickwork walls stonework & masonry can be quickly cleaned

Massive Improvements Can Be Made To Walls Suffering From Moss And Lichen



Railings can look like new after a quick blow over with a washer. All Brickwork, Walls, Railings, Stonework & Masonry will eventually succumb to the elements

Algae Covered Railings Quickly Rejuvenated

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