Driveway Sealing

Driveway Sealing

Driveway sealing (or patio) is a service we offer, but it is something we like to assess and advise upon per customer.

It’s not uncommon for some cleaning companies to try and hike up their prices with driveway sealing.  Trying to get you to seal your patio or driveway after cleaning is a sure fire way to sky rocket the price. Sealing is good practice but it’s not without its downsides, predominantly the cost. As with most things in life “you get what you pay for”

Sealing products vary greatly in price, with some DIY store bought products ranging from around £15-£20 per tin upwards.

Specialist companies such as Resiblock only supply high quality long lasting sealing products.  Prices for these high quality sealers range from £45-£100 per tin. You will find, upon researching different driveway sealing products that some claim that they are universal product i.e you can apply them to all types of stone. This is not designed to be a splash it down and forget application, different stones absorb sealants in different ways. A sealer should be designed for a specific use. You wouldn’t want to put a sealer designed for  tarmac on your natural stone drive.

Why the difference in price

You will find that a sealer made specifically for natural stone will be of a higher price then say one for conventional block pavers. Block paving sealers usually contain a higher amount of resin\urethane based ingredients to help bind the jointing sand, since there is no sand between natural stone joints there would be no need for as much of this ingredient.

Anyway the nitty gritty…Pros & Cons to driveway sealing


  • Helps deter the build up of ingrained dirt and grime
  • Stops the ingress and absorption of oil or stain causing accidents
  • Helps stop weed growth by binding the jointing sand together, also stops sand loss due to rain and wind
  • Can give your drive or patio a constant wet look (looks nice on natural stone if choosing a gloss sealer)
  • Helps add water repellency, therefore reducing the chance of frost/water freezing which results in cracked mortar joints
  • Helps prevent the infection and spread of lichen and fungus based problems


  • Cost, sealing can be expensive. A 5L tin will cover approx 25sqM, you will also need sacrificial (cheap, use and chuck) rollers to apply the product. Block pave sealers are usually 2 coat applications, coverage varies greatly depending upon the product but usual rates are 3sqM perL 1st coat and then 6sqM per L 2nd coat.
  • Labour time, if paying someone to do it for you
  • Area needs to be bone dry before applying, this is more so with block paving as the sand and joints take longer to dry out. It needs to remain dry for several hours(4-6+) after applying, so picking the right day in this country can be a challenge.
  • Can be difficult to remove from un-intended places without dedicated removal products

Driveway or patio sealing has its advantages, the only real major downside being the cost. A 100sqM natural stone driveway would cost in the region of £300+ in good quality product plus labour. Sealing a natural stone driveway is good practice, indian sandstone is expensive to have laid. Grease and oil stains can be hard to remove effectively. Having a good quality sealer put down will stop any oil penetrating the stone. It should just bead on the surface and wipe away.

We have a couple of dedicated videos on sealing on our YouTube Channel. You can find them on here

If you have any questions regarding sealing please feel free to call, text or email us We offer free advise and we don’t bite.

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