Here are some of our frequently asked questions

What can be cleaned?

We are able to pressure clean pretty much anything. We specialise in driveways, patios & decking but we can also clean brickwork, pathways, and fences.

I have a block driveway, is this a problem?

No. We can clean any kind of drive, whether it is block, crazy pave, natural stone, concrete, tarmac or good old slab paving. The price is the only thing that alters between different types of driveway, as some are more labour intensive. Also block paving needs to be re-sanded after cleaning to ensure the blocks don’t move around which can cause loose bricks. We can even re sand your joints with a state of the art water activated polymeric sand. In short… no more sand loss or weed growth (approx 5 years)

Do you clean all year round?

Yes we can. However the weather can have a massive impact on cleaning block paving or decking. Cleaning a deck area is not a problem but it needs to be warm and dry in order to treat it. Block paving is very similar, the clean is not an issue, but because the area has to be really dry in order for the fresh sand to drop into the joints you don’t get much chance through the winter. If the area is damp the sand won’t fill the joints properly leading to open gaps and potential shifting blocks. As a guideline decking is best cleaned and treated from mid April though till early September. Block paving is best done from mid-late March (weather permitting) through till end October (again weather permitting)

Can you seal my drive/patio?

Sure no problem, we do however like to assess each area and advise on the best course of action. Not all areas gain from applying sealants as the cost can sometimes outweigh the benefits. Have a look at our sealing page.

Can you remove lichen (black spots)?

Yes we can. We can use a form of bleach to remove lichen spores. It is a very cost effective way to remove those pesky spots without costing hundreds of pounds in so called “miracle products”. Have a look at our lichen page for more information on this very common problem.

Do you use chemicals?

A good question, generally the answer is NO. Saying that, we only use water to physically pressure clean your drive or patio, however if there are any stains on the drive or patio such as oil from a leaking car, then we may need to apply a form of stain remover/de-greaaser to try and lift the stain. As with all stains, not all can be removed, especially if they have been left for a long time. We will do our best to remove or reduce the appearance of any staining. The only other chemical we may use is a general purpose weed/moss/algae killer. This really depends on how bad the area is. Pressure cleaning will remove moss and algae etc but sometimes it’s good practice to give the area a pre-treatment on heavy moss or weed build-up. We avoid brick acids as they contain really harsh chemicals which can damage stonework.

What can you do during the winter?

During the winter we offer a leaf and gutter clearing service. By using our ground based vacuum with camera attachment we can clear all your gutters of leaves and moss. The camera can record the clearing process, showing you the before and after. Upon booking our gutter cleaning service we will carry out a free onsite inspection to make sure they actually need clearing before, that way you don’t get charged for something that doesn’t need doing. Getting rid of all those fallen leaves around your garden can be a chore, we can clear them all away and if needed power rinse the area down to remove any slippery residue.

Will you be using my electricity?

NO. Our pressure washing system uses a state of the art petrol driven engine. It doesn’t need any source of electrical power. The only time we may need an electric supply is if you have drainage issues and we need to get our wet vac out to clear the pooling water.

What about water?

In order for us to clean we need a source of water. Unfortunately with all good will a regular size vehicle isn’t really capable of carrying sufficient quantities of water to clean large size driveways and patios. So we will need access to a water source, ideally an outside tap. You won’t need any special connections as we carry all of those on the van. We carry approx 400L of water on board, so we can start work without waiting for a tank to fill up. It’s hard to say exactly how much water we will use but as an approximation, a 100sqM block pave driveway will use around £2.80 in water.

Can you clean my conservatory or my house roof?

Unfortunately not, high pressure can damage the seals around your conservatory. Household roofs need to be cleaned from the top down to prevent the water from being blown up under the tiles causing a leaky roof. There is specialist equipment needed to carry out roof cleaning properly including suitable safety harness/scaffold.

What’s your guarantee?

Well we guarantee we will do a good job. Our aim is to ensure that your happy with the finished result, and I am certain you will be amazed at how dirty your drive and patio area actually are, and how clean it will be when we are done. What I can’t guarantee is how long your newly cleaned area will stay clean for. So many factors will come into play, such as the time of year and how much traffic that particular area gets. You can’t expect a freshly cleaned driveway to still look sparkly clean 8 months to a year later, especially in England. We do offer a pressure sweeping service, which think of it as an interim clean. We basically use a special broom attachment to our washer which sweeps away any debris and grit etc. The problem is that if you don’t clean away all this dirt that accumulates then it becomes ground in again, thus requiring the full pressure clean service. See the Service’s page for more info.

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