Fence Cleaning, Algae Removal & Treating

Why do I need my fence cleaning?

Fence cleaning & treating is another one of our popular services. Finding the time to treat your fence is never easy. Let us take the hassle out of spending valuable hours painting, with our fence cleaning & treating service.

Wood ages quickly, fence cleaning & treating can prolong its life. A fence is very susceptible to algae growth, as it can take ages to dry out, especially in shaded areas. This is a breeding ground for algae and moss. A quick blast over removes the algae build up and leaves the fence panels clean and ready for re-treating with a colour or preservative of your choice. Pressure cleaning before treatment will ensure your wood stain etc adheres and soaks in well, which increases the woods longevity. If you were to treat this wood without cleaning it first, the green algae would show through the finished colour.

We don’t have to do the treating for you. If you would just like the fence cleaned then that is fine, we can even combine it with cleaning your driveway, patio or decking area.

Fence Cleaning - Algae Can Spread Quickly

Long Algae Covered Fence

A quick light clean can give an old fence a face lift.

Fence Cleaning - New Lease of Life

Previously Algae Covered Fence After Cleaning


I don’t like the existing colour, can I change it?

This really depends on its current colour, and what its treated with. Most typical fence treatments are water based stains, produced in a variety of colours. I say colours because the choice can be quite limited and tend to be the common browns and reds. There are manufactures who produce bright vivid wood colours that can be used on fences, but you need to consider how hard it may be to cover over when the time comes for a change.

If your fence has been treated with good old fashioned creosote or similar, then no amount of washing will remove it. Creosote is predominantly oil based and really soaks into the wood, unlike fence stain that tends to sit on the surface.

Darker colours can be applied over lighter shades quite easily. The most common question is “can I put a lighter colour on a fence that has a dark stain already” This is quite hard to do effectively as your always going to get patches of stain that adhere just a bit too well to be removed with the pressure washer without damaging the wood.

This Red Cedar stain is easily removed. Trying to apply a lighter colour over this would result in patches.

Fence Cleaning - Old Wood Stain Can be Quickly Stripped

Look How Easy Old Stain is Removed

Can I not just do all this myself?

Of course you can, we are a firm believer of the rule “why pay somebody to do a job that I can do myself”. However we all know that sometimes our time is more valuable to us than money. Sounds silly but its true, tasks like this can take a lot of time. With a busy schedule it is often difficult to make time for maintenance tasks, and so they often get left or overlooked.

All the services we offer can be done whilst your at work, all we need is access to a tap for cleaning. Fence cleaning in itself doesn’t take time, but the treating can.

Fence Cleaning & Treating – Bromley
Fence Cleaning & Treating – Welling


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